Credits and Acknowledgements

The information on this site is taken from notes and talks given by Stuart Williams who is responsible for the excellent Bloxwich Telegraph, from research conducted at the Walsall Local History Centre and by Catcher Media. It is in no way presented as complete or entire in it’s information but is intended as a collection of the findings and the key themes that were explored as part of this project. We mean no disrespect to the many people, places and stories of Bloxwich that have not been covered.

ReDiscover is a Catcher Media presentation for Walsall Academy, Walsall Council Regeneration and Development Team, Walsall Local History Centre and Walsall Council Creative Development Team.

This participatory media project engaged sixth form students over an academic year at Walsall Academy in Bloxwich. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund through it’s Young Roots Scheme and Section 106 and Walsall MBC funds.

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Images courtesy of: Walsall Local History Centre; A. Stuart Williams; Ned Williams; Nigel Wiggins; Billy Melkie. These images and all video content is subject to the following creative commons attribution:

‘Bloxwich Tower’ (or Tardis as it is known locally) created by Planet Art Julie Edwards and Ron Thompson.


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