3 thoughts on “School Days

  1. Helen Oram says:

    This is exactly how I remember my days at T.P.Riley! I still have the scarf and can sing “Semper Altiora Speramus” In fact I can’t say the words my mind sings them. I was in Frobisher house and also loved my school days and am so glad that I am not at school now even though I was a teacher. I remember Mr Birchmore, Mr Dickenson, Mr Dickinson (Geography?), Mrs True,Miss Jackson-who could reduce me to tears merely by saying “Girls, I am so disappointed in you.”, not daring to walk on the quad, Mr Hudson and many many more. Your video gave me so many happy memories and a big smile. Thank you. Helen Oram, nee Adams.

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    • catchersocial says:

      So glad you enjoyed Noddy’s tales and they brought back happy memories. If you follow the blog you will be notified when the next episode appears.


  2. Christine Barnett says:

    I too attended T P Riley it is good to look back with fondness for those days. You do not realise at the time of course. I was in Frobisher house and can relate to the memories spoken about by Noddy it was great. Thanks for the memories.
    Christine Barnett


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